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Top reasons to Teach in South Korea

Teaching in South Korea offers a variety of benefits that attract many educators from around the world. Here are some of the key advantages:

Financial Benefits

1. Competitive Salary: Teachers in South Korea typically earn a good salary, which can be even more attractive when combined with the relatively low cost of living in many areas.

2. Free Housing: The teaching contracts include free housing, which significantly reduces living expenses.

3. Paid Vacation: Teachers often receive paid vacation days, which vary depending on the school or language center. Paid holidays normally are between 10 and 15 days a year.

4. End-of-Contract Bonuses: Many teaching positions offer bonuses upon the completion of a contract, usually equivalent to one month's salary.

Professional Development

1. Experience: Teaching in South Korea is a valuable addition to a resume, demonstrating adaptability, cultural awareness, and international experience.

2. Training: Some positions, especially in private language institutes (hagwons) and public schools, provide initial training and ongoing professional development.

Cultural and Social Benefits

1. Cultural Immersion: Living and working in South Korea provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in a rich and unique culture, learn the Korean language, and experience local traditions.

2. Social Opportunities: There are vibrant expatriate communities in South Korea, offering a chance to meet new people and make lasting friendships.

3. Cultural Orientation: Upon arrival in South Korea our partnering agency will be giving you cultural orientation alongside fellow teachers, giving you the opportunity to embrace the local culture as well as make new friends.

Quality of Life

1. Healthcare: South Korea has a high-quality and affordable healthcare system that teachers can access. Schools pay 50%-100% of the costs of the medical insurance.

2. Safety: South Korea is known for being a safe country with low crime rates.

3. Convenience: The country's infrastructure is highly developed, with excellent public transportation, fast internet, and a wide range of services readily available.

Adventure and Travel

1. Travel Opportunities: South Korea's location makes it easy to travel to other parts of Asia, and the country itself has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and historical sites.

2. Work-Life Balance: While work hours can be demanding, there is often enough time to explore and enjoy recreational activities. Teachers typically work 30-35 hours per week

Additional Perks

1. Severance Pay: Many contracts include severance pay, which is a month's salary for each year worked.

2. Flight Reimbursement: Some contracts cover the cost of airfare to and from South Korea. This is normally paid out and the end of the contract term however it can also be paid out with your first salary - it depends on the school.

3. Pension Contributions: Teachers contribute to and can receive benefits from the Korean pension system, which can often be withdrawn when leaving the country.

These benefits make teaching in South Korea an attractive option for many educators seeking to work abroad. Make South Korea your next adventure!


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