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At World Voyage, we believe in enriching lives through the global exchange of cultures and experiences.

Becoming a host family isn't just about finding reliable childcare; it's about opening the doors to a world of opportunities for your children.

When you choose to host an Au Pair with us, you're embarking on a journey that transcends borders, connecting your family to the wider world in a unique and profound way.

Host an Au Pair

Our commitment to you

At World Voyage, we are committed to helping you find the perfect Au Pair who can enrich your family's life. Our rigorous selection process ensures that our Au Pairs meet the highest standards. Here's why we are the agency you can trust:

  • Stringent Qualifications: We carefully vet our Au Pairs to ensure they meet specific criteria. Our Au Pairs are aged between 18-25, have a high school certificate, possess childcare experience, and meet various other qualifications. This guarantees that your Au Pair is not only passionate about working with children but also well-prepared for the role.

  •  Language Proficiency: Communication is essential when it comes to childcare. Our Au Pairs are proficient in both English and Afrikaans, making it easy for them to connect with your family and help your children thrive.

  • Health and Safety: We prioritize the health and safety of your family. Our Au Pairs are in good physical and mental health, and they do not use anti-depressants or anxiety medication. We also ensure that they have no criminal record or previous convictions, providing you with peace of mind.

  • Cultural Compatibility: We understand that cultural compatibility is vital for a successful match. We work diligently to pair your family with an Au Pair who shares your values and is passionate about working with children.

  • First Aid and Education: Au Pairs with first aid training and additional qualifications, such as degrees and diplomas, are given preference. These qualifications can enhance the quality of care your children receive.

By choosing World Voyage, you're choosing a reliable partner in the journey to enrich your family's life through cultural exchange and reliable childcare. Welcome an Au Pair into your home, and let the world come to you.

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