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Summer holiday; Au Pair 101

School Is Out – Keeping the Kids Busy

It’s the end of June, school is out and the kids are ecstatic. You may be a bit

overwhelmed not knowing how you are going to entertain your host children for the entire

summer. They are used to being in school for the majority of their days and now they are

free and clear to do as they please and it is up to you that they stay busy. Or is it?

Children need activities to learn and have fun but it is also just important for them to

have some free play time too. So while you are planning all of the activities and outings

for them to participate in remember that they need some free play time too. Depending

on the age of your host children and their level of independence the free play time may take

different forms. For younger children independent time will have to be supervised but

for older children it can be a nice break for both of you to let them play alone in their

room or outside in the yard.