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Transport in Thailand

Whilst traveling and working in Thailand we made use of almost all the public transport we could use. The experience of living in another county not having your own vehicle can sometimes be very scary, however in Thailand the transport system works really well and is a safe way to travel.

What kind of transport do you get in Thailand?

There are many ways to commute in Thailand, you can make use of your local meter taxi, motorcycle taxi or even hop onto a Songthaew. Most tourists should at least jump onto the famous 3-wheeled vehicles called Tuk-Tuk whilst they are there. It is a memorable experience that you won’t find back in your home country.

The BTS Sky train can be confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, this transport is fast and efficient especially in Bangkok with all the traffic jams all the time. This overground railway network stops off at many tourist areas and attractions in Bangkok and is very developed much like the large Western cities of the world making it very easy to find your way around the city.

The MRT Subway, otherwise known as the Blue Line, is the first underground railway line to be introduced to Bangkok’s railway network. It is comprised of 18 stops and follows a slightly different route to the BTS Skytrain which allows travelers to commute via train to the inaccessible neighbourhoods of the Skytrain. Both the BTS and MRT intersect at various points allowing travelers from both lines greater variety when it comes to getting to their destination of choice. Both the BTS and MRT networks are in operation from 6 am to midnight Monday to Friday.

For longer distance travel we would highly suggest to move away from the normal travel by air and get into the groove of taking the bus.