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Top Reasons to Au Pair in the Netherlands

If you’re considering becoming an au pair, the Netherlands offers an exceptional mix of culture, opportunity, and adventure. Here’s why the Netherlands should be your top choice for an au pair destination, including unique benefits like a weekend free train card, museum card, language classes, and special au pair events organized by our partnering agency.

1. Cultural Immersion

Living with a Dutch family allows you to dive deep into the local culture. Participate in traditional celebrations like King’s Day, Sinterklaas, and Liberation Day. You’ll gain firsthand experience in Dutch customs, cuisine, and everyday life, creating a truly immersive cultural exchange.

2. Language Learning

The Netherlands is a great place to improve your language skills. While many Dutch people speak excellent English, learning Dutch can greatly enhance your experience. Many au pair host families offer to pay for language classes, helping you to quickly pick up the language and communicate more effectively with your host family and the community.

3. Weekend Free Train Card

Explore the Netherlands with ease using the weekend free train card, which is provided by host families. This card allows you to travel throughout the country on weekends without worrying about transportation costs. Visit iconic cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, or venture to charming towns and scenic countryside, all for free.

4. Museum Card

The Netherlands is home to a plethora of world-class museums. With the museum card provided by our partnering agency, you can enjoy unlimited access to over 400 museums across the country. From the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to the Mauritshuis in The Hague, immerse yourself in art, history, and culture without spending a fortune.

5. Work-Life Balance

Dutch culture places a high value on work-life balance, which is reflected in the au pair experience. You’ll have structured working hours of 30 hours per week, ensuring you have plenty of free time to explore, relax, and engage in personal pursuits. This balance helps you enjoy your time in the Netherlands to the fullest.

6. Healthy Lifestyle

The Dutch are known for their healthy and active lifestyle. Cycling is a primary mode of transportation, and you’ll find extensive bike paths throughout the country. Embrace this lifestyle by cycling to work, exploring cities, and staying fit. The focus on outdoor activities and balanced living promotes overall well-being.

7. Supportive Host Families

Dutch host families are welcoming and supportive, eager to share their culture with you. They value the cultural exchange and are excited to learn about your traditions and customs as well. This mutual respect and interest create a nurturing environment where you’ll feel like part of the family.

9. Au Pair Events and Community

Many partnering agency organizes regular events and activities for au pairs. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to meet other au pairs, share experiences, and make new friends. From social gatherings and cultural tours to educational workshops, these events enrich your au pair journey and build a strong support network.

10. Personal Growth

Living in a new country and adapting to a different culture fosters significant personal growth. You’ll gain independence, develop problem-solving skills, and become more adaptable. These experiences are invaluable, enhancing your personal and professional life long after your au pair journey ends.

Bonus Reason: Delicious Dutch Cuisine

Indulge in the unique flavors of Dutch cuisine. Try traditional dishes like stroopwafels, poffertjes, herring, and a variety of cheeses. Your host family will likely introduce you to these local delicacies, and you might even learn to cook some yourself!

Ready to embark on your Dutch adventure? We have many families available looking to match with their next au pair soon!

View the Info Pack here for more information and to start your application process. The Netherlands is ready to welcome you with open arms!


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