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Hide and Seek! Fun ideas for games with children.

Hide and seek is a classic favourite game that children of most ages like to play. The traditional way to play hide and seek never gets old, but you may want a change if it

is requested every day.

Here are a few ways to play hide and seek with a twist while

staying in the backyard.

Have the kids pick out some toys that are not too small and are allowed outside. While

they cover their eyes and count; you hide the toys around the yard. You can let them run

loose and try to find them or play hot and cold if they are having a hard time. If the kids

don’t understand the concept of hot and cold you can use different words “you’re getting

closer” or “you’re getting farther away.” Or give away little hints they have to figure out.

Sardines is a fun variation of hide and seek. You will need a few kids to play (at least

three or four). The person designated as “it” does the hiding instead of the

counting. Once the allotted time is up everyone has to try and find the hidden person. As

each child finds the person who is hiding, instead of calling out that they found them, they

hide with them. This continues until all the kids are in one spot. It can get really squishy

playing this game – just like in a can of sardines.

Chain hide and seek is also best if at least four children participate. As the person

who is “it” finds the other kids playing, they have to hold hands and form a chain until

everyone is found. Falling down and giggling are sure to ensue as the kids try to run

around while holding hands. This is a great one to play in the park. Involve all the kids

in the park and see how long the chain can get.

Spending quality time with kids is very rewarding, and playing games is a great way to bond with gets and get them active—some holiday ideas to keep the kids happing and entertained.

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