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From small town to small town, but worlds apart

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Sariette is a small-town girl who had big dreams. With the world at her feet, armed with a passport and her future knocking at her door she embarked on the Voyage of a lifetime.

She is currently living in Switzerland in a small but beautiful town called La Neuveville. A French speaking, medieval town on the shores of Lake Biel. The numerous towers, including the famous Tour Rouge, surround the old town and bear witness to La Neuveville's rich historical past.

We have asked Sariette a few questions for a glimpse into her life as an Au Pair in Switzerland. Here is her story.

Life abroad is great, I like it because in just 2 months I have done, tried or learned at least 20 new things! At first the adjustment was big but in a good way and my host family helped me a lot in the beginning for an easy transition. It was not that difficult in the end!

My favourite thing to do with the children is playing soccer outside, they also like it a lot! We enjoy being active to stay busy.

I haven’t traveled much yet, however I went to Bienne which is located near the watch-making cities of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle which together form a UNESCO Heritage Site.

I travel to Neuchatel weekly to attend