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Turkey Au Pair Voyage

Marvel at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, explore the fairy-tale landscapes of Cappadocia, and relax on the beaches of Antalya in Turkey.

Capital City
Summer months
June to August
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Winter months
December to February
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About Destination
Program Description

Turkey Au Pair Voyage

• Take the children to and from school and extra-curricular activities. 

• Prepare meals for the children and/or family. 

• Assist the children with homework/projects. 

• Help dress and prepare the children for the day’s schedule. 

• You may be asked to assist with all childcare related chores 

• Assist with household chores, help keep the house tidy, do the children’s laundry, keep the play areas and kid’s rooms tidy, vacuum parts of the house. You will also be asked to keep your own bathroom and bedroom clean. 

• In most cases families have cleaners and cooks and you will only be expected to take care of the children, however you may be asked to do small household duties. 

• Work for a maximum of 55 hours per week.

What to Expect

• You will be receiving flight assistance from our recommended travel agent and on-going support during your flight. 

• Assistance with the Visa and Residence Permit. 

• Your host family will pay 50% of the Residence Permit fees. • Furnished bedroom in host family's home and you might have your own TV. 

• Access to WIFI. 

• Support from World Voyage through the application process and your Au Pair year. 

• Support from our Turkish agency through the course of the Au Pair year. 

• A minimum monthly stipend of $400 per month (it may be more depending on your experience). 

• Your host family will pay for 50% of the flight costs (upon completion of the program). 

• FREE Accommodation and meals with the family for the entire year's stay 

• Access to other Au Pairs in your area 

• Medical insurance 

• FREE background and criminal check to South African citizens 

• Application assistance 

• One full day off per week 

• 9 days paid leave per every 6 months 

• A chance to make your dreams come true

What To Expect


• Be between 18-35 years old. 

• Have a Grade 12 High School Certificate or equivalent NQF Level 4. • Have a 3 year+ University Degree 

• Have non family related childcare experience with a minimum of 400 hours. This you can obtain by babysitting, tutoring, being a volunteer at a day-care, or teaching practicals. 

• Provide a minimum of 2 childcare references 

• Understand and speak English very well. 

• Have a passion to work with children 

• Commit for one year • Be in good physical and mental health (candidates on anti-depressants or anxiety medication will not be considered). 

• Be a non-smoker. 

• Citizens of South Africa 

• Be unmarried & have no children. 

• Have no criminal record or previous convictions. 

• Not be diagnosed with transmittable diseases. 

• If you have a First Aid Training and/or any degrees and diplomas it will count in your favour and will give you an advantage with a stronger profile.

Start your journey!

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