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What a delight, Belgian Beer and Chocolate!

Leffe, a famous Belgium beer

Belgium is a unique and beautiful country in Western Europe. They are famous for their cuisine and we will guide you through one of the best beers and chocolates that we would definitely recommend.

Let’s talk beer the easy-to-drink, smooth beer of choice is definitely the Leffe Blonde!

Leffe is a world-renowned beer and one of Belgium’s finest brews. This is not a dumb blond, pardon the pun! The ideal way of discovering the wonders of Leffe would be to travel all the way to Notre Dame de Leffe, much to the delight of the monks who, according to historical reports, have started welcoming thirsty guests and pilgrims way back in 1152. The monks were famous for the delicious refreshments they gave to whoever was visiting, and yet plain water wasn’t exactly safe. They then decided to build a brewery near the abbey. They still use the same recipe today!

The famous Blonde Leffe won a gold medal in 2017 for “World’s Best Belgian Style Blonde”, and in 2019 a silver medal for the category “World’s Best IPA Speciality”. It is an excellent, aromatic Belgian pale ale with hints of cloves, bananas, and vanilla.

Now getting into the chocolate! Why is Belgium known to have some of the best chocolates in the world? In the 1880s, Belgium began bringing back cocoa from the Congo. Having access to cocoa beans allowed the country to get a head start in understanding how to process and produce chocolate as we know it today. Soon Belgian chocolatiers were developing machines designed to mix the beans and create a smooth, thin texture. Antwerp Port also has the largest storage of cocoa beans in the entire world. So, a selection of excellent cacao is already on Belgian soil.

What chocolate to eat in this country is renowned for its chocolates?

Leonidas is a master chocolatier! Leonidas is a classic Belgian chocolate brand with over 900 years of heritage and several physical and online stores worldwide. Dated back to 1913, their Master Chocolatiers only use chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter. You won’t find a single drop of palm oil in their chocolate and did I say they are absolutely delicious?

When you find yourself traveling to Belgium do spoil your taste buds with exquisite beer and chocolate.

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