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Two months down, ten more to go!

Feelings of excitement, nervousness, curiosity, gratefulness, and uncertainty bombarded me when I at first applied to become an Au Pair. The list of mixed emotions just got longer when I heard that I matched with a family in the Netherlands. All the emotions got stronger while I packed my bags to move to a different country for a year but the one emotion that was the strongest was excitement.

I couldn’t wait anymore, up until the day that I arrived at the airport. I didn’t think that saying goodbye for the second time would be that difficult. I was trying not to shed a tear while my mom is sobbing and my father tries to hide his tears saying goodbye, as my new adventure awaits me with open arms.

While I hoped I would get a sunny day when I arrived in Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport, I got a rainy day and as we walked out the airport, I just felt a gush of cold wind on my face. “Welcome to the Netherlands where you can get all f