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My Swedish adventure - Danielle Annandale

Heij heij

My name is Danielle Annandale and I am from South Africa; I have been an Au Pair for about 10 years. I am currently located in Falsterbo Sweden (since June 2022), looking after 2 boys and a dog. I truly think being an Au Pair is one of the best experiences you can possibly have. In the few months of being in Sweden, I have seen so many amazing places.

I have experienced a real Swedish cabin in the woods in Härardbäck where I went for a midnight swim in the lake and experienced wild blueberry picking. We went to Mölle, a harbour town with an incredibly rich history - this was the first place where men and women could go to the beach together. Stockholm is truly a sight to be seen, words cannot quite describe the magnificence, every day at 12 o'clock they march down the street on horseback banging their drums and blowing their trumpets. Falsterbo/Skanör has prepossessing beaches that you can approach from any direction, and walk for miles in unspoilt Mother Nature. Malmö the industrial town (the closest big city to where I live) is a heavenly mix of modern and old-fashioned.

Most people speak English but they appreciate the effort when you try to speak Swedish.

Here are some things I have learned so far; hopefully they will prepare you for your next adventure abroad! First things first: PACKING. Pack for all seasons in one day. I know this sounds strange but it will be sunny one moment and rain the next. I recommend packing a rain jacket and sun hat where ever you go. Swimming clothes are a must. Swedish people love to swim. Sandals are compulsory and so are house shoes (a shoe you wear only inside the house).