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Get to know our Captain!

Have you ever wondered who is the person that makes sure that things are smooth sailings at World Voyage?

Daniel is the CEO and Founder of World Voyage as you know it today. He has various successful business ventures and traveled to more countries than we can possibly count on our two hands. He is also a big lover of Squash and enjoys doing his day job, which is managing various businesses in IT.

Let's jump right into getting to know Daniel!

Q: With your background in IT and computing, why did you venture into cultural exchange programs?

A: The opportunity presented itself and as with everything in life, one must seize and make use of opportunities. Simply discussing good ideas around a braai has no value, it must translate into action.

Q: Does this mean that you believe there is a future for the types of programs that we offer?

A: Yes, the growth that we experienced from 2021 up until now shows that there is an increase in candidates that want to take part in our programs, if there is growth there is most definitely a future.

Q: Where do you see World Voyage in 5 years?

A: I hope to see World Voyage with different branches all over the world. I hope that we expand our horizons beyond Au Pair and Teaching programs and contribute to valuable experiences in more people's lives.

Q: In World Voyage's small existence, what was a moment that really stood out to you?

A: *laughing* The first time we banked some money. No, I'm only joking - the first time someone sent us a thank you letter, saying how much they appreciate everything the company has done for them and that they truly felt special with the service they received and every time after that too.

Q: What are you passionate about in life?

A: *laughs* I am passionate about playing Squash. We think Daniel is passionate about milkshakes and Steri Stumpies as well ;)

Q: What advice can you give someone that is scared to go abroad?

A: Take the leap while you have the opportunity. As you get older and life happens, other constraints get in your way - so do it while you are young.

Q: If you can pick any country to launch a program in, what country would it be?

A: Iceland, since we already have the Japan program. If we didn't have the Japan program, definitely Japan. Daniel's absolute favorite country is Japan and he dreams of visiting very soon.

Q: What do you always pack first when going on a trip?

A: My Laptop! Okay and maybe my passport *laughs*

Q: Are you an adrenaline junky, or do you enjoy relaxed travels?

A: Both - I enjoyed scuba diving. I have travelled to quite a few places to scuba such as Egypt and Thailand.

Q: What makes you happy?

A: Airport lounge food! To be more specific, Dubai's airport lounge food and business class flights ;)

When life hits, Daniel will always be nearby to crack a dad-joke. He is the man with the plan, the brain and mastermind who always thinks of out of the box ideas to approach things. He is by far the most quiet and opinionated person at the same time, but he is also our boss man!


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