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Disembarking 2021- Out of the Captain's chair

When 2021 comes to mind we tend to think about obstacles, struggles, and all the trials and tribulations we had to overcome. It may happen that we tend to forget to stop, smell the roses and to look back to see where we came from. One thing that we should always remember is our roots and why we started in the first place.

World Voyage was born in February 2020, I have pondered about the idea for quite some time and decided that we will open her doors in April 2021. We started out with one partner that believed in our vision and we continued to expand to new partners monthly, partners who share our mission and our views about life. Even though our “oeuvre” expanded we still had a couple of obstacles that bombarded our every day life such as travel bans, flight restrictions and quarantine regulations.

We were able to successfully place Au Pair and Teachers and have them fly out just in time for the next bans to come in place. In some cases, we had to think out of the box and be creative to make it happen. Needless to say, with our team we were able to do this with ease.

We ended our year where we were in the privileged position to announce another two Au Pair destinations (in the midst of a travel ban) – ending our year with 11 Au Pair destinations named Denmark, Germany, Jordan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and USA. We are ending our year on 11 Teaching destinations such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Furthermore, we are also in the position to do certain job placements in the UAE and Jordan.

We are highly blessed and grateful for our team that we have in our corner. We started out with a mere 3 recruiters and ending 2021 we have a group of 19 Voyage Experts and 5 Managers. Our Experts are also based in various countries across the world such as The Netherlands, Turkey, France, Namibia and South Africa, giving us the advantage of people in the field.

The ability to give our clients options, provide easy solutions and expert advice is something that I strived for ever since pondering about the idea of World Voyage. I am immensely proud that what was once a dream, is now a reality.

We are standing on the docks of a new year, lightly blowing her breath in our ears – reminding us that a new challenge and a new adventure is on the way. I hereby close our first chapter with the thought that no dream is too big, no challenge is big enough, we came a long way but we’re not going anywhere. If life is pushing hard, look back and see where you came from, realize that you grew and push back.

May 2022 be the year that will change your life for the better, may your year be filled with wonder, adventure and moments that will take your breath away. We wish you well on your journey, wherever in the world you may be and that you will always remember to stop and smell the roses. Have a blessed Holiday Season with your loved ones and a prosperous 2022.

As for World Voyage, we were crawling, now we are walking!

Bon Voyage

Daniel Schutte

Founder & CEO


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