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Spain Teach Voyage

Indulge in tapas and flamenco in Barcelona, explore the historic Alhambra in Granada, and relax on the beaches of Costa del Sol.

TEFL Certification Award winning pre-departure and in-country 24/7 support Cultural Orientation
Capital City
Summer months
June to August
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Winter months
December to February
Central European Time
About Destination
Program Description

Spain Teach Voyage

You will be first and foremost teaching English! You will have to enforce critical skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will be given resources but you will have to create your own fun and educational activities as well. You have to incorporate some elements of your own culture to engage with the children in a fun and educational manner. 

• Assistants have to incorporate other subjects into their lessons. You can combine history or music into a lesson to engage more with the children. You will be put in a role model position and it is important that you act accordingly. Students will look up to you as you will be representing your home country and the program. 

• Be available to assist other teachers should they need help. This can include brainstorming, examination assistance, or even help other teachers to improve their English. You may also be asked to take part in extra-curricular activities at the school. A school week may consist of 14-20 working hours per week. • You will also enjoy the same privileges in terms of school and public holidays as other teachers.

What to Expect

• Guaranteed placement 

• Help with the police registration process in Spain 

• Salary of €900 to €1,800 per month 

• Cultural trips and orientation during the course 

• In country TESOL training 

• Life long placement 

• Welcome documents to help you get settled in 

• Access to a multimedia platform with lessons, resources and teaching information 

• You will be receiving flight assistance from our recommended travel agent and on-going support during your flight. 

• Assistance with the Visa. 

• Contracts can be part-time, full time and from short-term to long-term 

• Support from World Voyage through the application process and your year abroad 

• Support from our Spanish agency through the course of your time abroad 

• Access to other Teachers in your area 

• FREE background and criminal check to South African citizens 

• Application assistance from World Voyage 

• Full orientation and training will be given to each candidate before they start work 

• Spanish language lessons

What To Expect


• Be between 18 - 60 years old 

• Be a Degree Holder of 3 years+ 

• Spanish skills are not required 

• Some experience with children will be valued but is not a requirement 

• Have a Grade 12 High School Certificate or equivalent NQF Level 4. • Understand and speak English exceptionally well 

• It is not necessary to have basic knowledge of Spanish, but it will count in your favour 

• Applicants must take part in our partnering agency's 120 hour in country TESOL course and participate in the orientation program 

• Have a passion to work with children • Commit for at least 7 months • Be in good physical and mental health (candidates on anti-depressants or anxiety medication will not be considered). 

• Be a non-smoker. 

• Citizens from South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland and New Zealand are accepted. 

• Be a native English speaker • Have no criminal record or previous convictions. 

• If you have a First Aid Training and/or any degrees and diplomas it will count in your favour and will give you an advantage with a stronger profile

Start your journey!

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