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Through the eyes of an Expert

I was recently asked why I am in this industry. Why do I enjoy being an agent?

This question took me back to the very beginning of my adventure. I was living a regular life, working an 8 to 5 job at a great corporate company, earning a great salary, an independent woman! Almost 7 years in to my job and I started asking myself, is this enough? Am I happy? The answer was no.

Why? Why was I not happy with a great job and a great salary and going to work and back every day with the same routine? Because I wanted more!

I made the decision to quit my job and go abroad to be an Au Pair in America. Some people thought I was making a mistake; I was certainly taking one of the biggest risks of my life so far. On the 6th September 2015 I got on a plane to fly to New York for the Au Pair orientation week before heading to my host family in Columbus, Georgia. I went from being an independent woman in the corporate world to being the Au Pair of my host family. The best decision I have ever made!

My host family was amazing; we got along great right from the start. It did not feel like work, I felt like a part of the family. They did so much from their side to make me feel right at home. This made dealing with the culture shock so much easier. Apart from loving my new home and my new family, I also got to travel to the most amazing places which I could previously only dream of! The kind of places that we as South Africans only see in movies. Some of my favourite destinations included Miami, Florida, The Bahamas, The Grand Canyon, Nashville, Tennessee and Las Vegas to name a few.

When my time in The USA ended, I could not believe how fast two years have gone by. Even though I was extremely sad to leave my amazing host family, the wonderful two boys that I took care of and my new home behind, I was super excited because I was about to take on a whole new adventure upon my arrival back in