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The Magic of Disneyland

What to do in Disneyland, California?

When you are an Au Pair in the USA, you will have the opportunity to travel to Disneyland in California or in Florida. Some Au Pairs explore the Magical Kingdom with their host family or with friends!

Disneyland is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, and for good reason. It is where Disney magic comes alive with the famous characters walking around that you can meet (everyone from Goofy to Cinderella – and not forgetting Mickey!) and have their photos taken and collect autographs. For the little ones especially, this is the best part of the park and the excitement is something they’ll remember long after they’ve outgrown the animated movies and understand the reality behind the characters!

Aside from the characters there are the rides. Space Mountain and Splash Mountain in particular are rides for which Disney is famous. The Park is divided up into various themed areas such as “Tomorrowland” and “Critter Country” and each area is full of attractions, rides and side shows. You could actually spend a day just wandering around and looking at everything, without ever going on a single ride. There are parades in the park, and a fireworks display can be found at almost any major event in the park, which adds to the fun because you don't have to stand in line for hours to watch it – check the park’s information area to find out what’s happening on the day you’re visiting and what time it begins.

Disneyland has an assortment of places to eat around the park, plan your day so that you are in the right area at the right time for your meals. Some restaurants advise making reservations so check this out at the start of your day – or even before you get there if possible – to avoid disappointment.

Accommodation near to, or even within, Disneyland is popular during school vacations, so you need to reserve the hotel you want to stay at as soon as you make the decision to visit the park. Once the high season gets into full swing, available hotel rooms become further away from the park and limited in choice.

Disneyland is pure magic and whether you're 5 or 95, you'll find there’s something to enjoy in this fabulous theme park! Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll be sure to want to come back another time.

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