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One day in Thailand and the world’s your oyster

A day in the life of an ESL Teacher in a small town called Phanom Phrai, Thailand.

So, most of you will probably not know where in the world is Phanom Phrai without using Google maps.

Phanom Phrai is a small town in the South-Eastern part of Roi Et Province, North-eastern Thailand. To give you an idea of how small the town is, the population ads up to a number of roughly 75 000 people.

We have a 7/11 and a few local shops here to buy groceries from. If you want to buy more Western stuff you will need to get into a taxi for a 1-hour drive to the next bigger town called Yasothon.

So, what is life like in this small town called Phanom Phrai?

Being a teacher here is so much fun. Everybody knows you and wants to talk to you constantly. The children are simply amazing. Smiles all day long.

Waking up in the morning, well… it’s hot and humid.

Morning markets before school are the best. You will buy loads of interesting food to eat during lunch and also meet all the locals at the market. From fruits and veggies to cooked chicken and seafood. You can even buy a coconut ice cream at the market. I use to take my bicycle and drive to the market. Yes, our local transport were bicycles.