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Image by Maksym Potapenko
Image by Johny Goerend

It is such an eye opening program to a lot of young people in the world that might open new opportunities for them in future. It helps young people to learn the diversity of cultures, languages, and so much more. It can even help them realize their dream through joining the Au Pair program. It would be such a shame to close a door to an opportunity like this 


Image by Seth kane

The Norwegian government is having discussions to terminate the Au Pair program in Norway. We believe that improvements can be made to the program rather than to completely scrap the program. We would therefore like to hear from you and your Au Pair experience in Norway. Be as honest and transparent as possible, as we would like to use this data to present to the Norwegian officials. 

Kindly fill in the form as accurate and honest as possible
Which cultural activities would you like to attend during your stay in Norway?
Rate the Au Pair program
Close it downFairMake some changesVery goodKeep the program

Thanks for answering the questions. We appreciate that you took the time to be part of change!

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