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Almabtrieb - Austria's cow festival!

Austria is known for its picturesque alpine scenery, charming towns, and delicious food. But did you know that the country also celebrates its love for cows with an annual festival? The Austrian Cow Festival, or "Almabtrieb", is a traditional event that takes place every fall, celebrating the return of cows from the alpine pastures to the valley.

It is a celebration of the traditional way of life in Austria and is an important part of the country's cultural heritage. The festival is a colourful and lively event, featuring parades of cows decorated with flowers, ribbons, and traditional bells. The cows are led down from the high alpine pastures, where they have spent the summer grazing on the lush mountain grasses. The journey back to the valley is a traditional one, with the cows and their herders walking down the mountain trails, often accompanied by musicians and local villagers.

As the cows arrive in the valley, they are welcomed by cheering crowds, traditional music, and plenty of food and drink. The festival is a great opportunity to try some of the delicious local delicacies, including traditional cheese, sausages, and homemade bread.

The cows are the stars of the show, with each one dressed up in its own unique way. The decorations on the cows' heads and necks are often made from fresh flowers and are a sign of the pride that the locals have in their livestock.

In addition to the cow parade, the festival also features traditional markets, where visitors can buy handmade crafts, clothing, and souvenirs. There are also plenty of activities for children, including face painting, balloon artists, and puppet shows.


The Austrian Cow Festival is a fantastic way to experience the local culture and traditions of the country. It is a lively and colourful event that celebrates the important role that cows play in the region's agriculture and way of life. The festival is a great opportunity to meet locals, taste traditional foods, and see the beautiful alpine scenery that makes Austria such a special place.

So if you're planning a trip to Austria in the fall, be sure to add the Cow Festival to your itinerary. It's an unforgettable experience that will give you a true taste of the country's rich cultural heritage!


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